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Consultancy and Investment company

Cordovan Invest aps & Cordovan consult aps



We explore and invest in growth companies, future technologies, and monetary assets ..



We offer consultancy services and take on interim positions ..



Exploring and directly investing in collectible and investment-grade wines ..

My passion is for delivering results that go beyond all stakeholders' expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved
Cordovan Invest ApS, CEO and Owner, Steen Møller Jensen

About Cordovan Invest ApS


Cordovan Invest ApS, established in 2020, encompasses three arms: an investment firm, a consultancy named Cordovan Consult ApS, and a specialized division, Cordovan Wine ApS. While each has a distinct focus, they collaboratively work to benefit from mutual synergies and promote cohesive operations.

Steen Møller Jensen, with a significant history of leadership roles in the financial sector, stands behind these entities. He founded the company and continues to own it. Through Cordovan Invest ApS and its branches, Steen actively partakes in a varied investment portfolio. This spans from backing emerging companies and pioneering technologies to tangible assets, including rare wine collections, monetary assets, and endeavors in the education and knowledge realms.

Cordovan Consult ApS is the main channel through which Steen provides consultancy services to small and medium enterprises. Additionally, he takes on interim roles of different durations. His expertise and broad network have led him to positions on various boards and advisory committees.

Reflecting his keen interest in wine investments, Steen completed the internationally recognized wine education, “WSET Award in Wines,” and is now “WSET Level 2 Wines Certified.” This educational achievement enhances Cordovan Wine ApS’s capability in wine investments, refining our approach for future ventures.

Steen believes that investment and business decisions extend beyond mere figures and analyses. Ideals, emotions, and intuition significantly influence choices. This conviction remains consistent, whether investing in a budding Danish fintech, tangible assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin, or a bottle of Château Pétrus set to appreciate over the coming decades.