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Cordovan Invest ApS

Explore and invest in growth companies, future technologies, and scarce resources/assets ..


Cordovan Consult ApS

Provide consultancy services and assume interim roles ..


Cordovan Wines ApS

Explore and invest in collectible and investment-grade wines ..

Our passion lies in delivering results that exceed the expectations of all stakeholders, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved
Cordovan Invest ApS, CEO and Owner, Steen Møller Jensen

Cordovan Invest

Investment, Consulting, and Wines
Cordovan Invest ApS is a specialized investment company that primarily invests in businesses, infrastructure and assets related to fintech and/or scarce resources. We do this because the global monetary policy has adversely affected national economies and our financial system over many years. Part of the recovery will involve new technologies, new monetary systems, and financial institutions that will significantly differ from the current ones. We invest in companies and assets with the potential to emerge as leaders in this transitional phase.
We also recognize that scarce assets are not only monetary and financial assets but can also be, for example, collectibles, art, and fine wine. Therefore, the latest addition to our family is Cordovan Wine, which invests in and trades rare fine wines. To enhance focus and quality in this field, Steen pursued the esteemed WSET Level 2 certification in 2023 and is currently studying to achieve the Level 3 certification.
Additionally, we operate a consultancy division (Cordovan Consult) that contributes broadly within the areas where we have knowledge and expertise.
Steen Møller Jensen, an experienced financial leader with a background in senior positions within the financial sector, plays a pivotal role as the central figure connecting these units. He also holds influential positions on several boards due to his expertise and extensive network.
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