"Price is what you Pay..
Value is what you Get.."

What we do

Cordovan Invest ApS



We invest in a diverse portfolio of privately held growth companies in Denmark and beyond …



We provide consulting services and fill interim positions for small and medium-sized businesses through Cordovan Consult ApS …


Investment-grade Wines

We invest in collectible and investment-grade wines directly from the source, typically the winery …

My passion is for delivering results that’s goes beyond all stakeholders expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.
Cordovan Invest ApS, CEO and Owner, Steen Møller Jensen

About Cordovan Invest

The company was established by Steen Møller Jensen, a professional with an extensive background in high-ranking roles within the financial sector.

Today, he invests in start-ups, private equity, and now also investment-grade wines, through Cordovan Invest ApS.

In addition, he offers consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses via Cordovan Consult ApS, and takes on interim roles for varying durations.

Furthermore, he serves on several boards and advisory committees.